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The Player Pathway, formerly the Single System will be launched in October 2016.

The Player Pathway provides an environment that helps all junior players realise their potential, whether that means they are the best club player that they can be, seek a lifelong commitment to the game through coaching, or volunteering, or perhaps go on to represent England or Great Britain at junior or senior level.

The Player Pathway is made up of the following tiers:

Development Centres – provide a local entry point to the player pathway for U13s - U17s

Academy Centres – delivered in 49 counties, provide a high quality talent programme for identified players in U13 – U17 age groups

Performance Centres – are based across the country providing frequent, high quality training with the best coaches for U15 and U17 players

Futures Cup – supports player development within a high-intensity and pressurised best v best tournament environment

Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) - programme provides additional training and sport-related education for U17 players selected from Performance Centres

National Age Group Squads (NAGS) – are selected at U16 and U18 age groups for girls and boys. NAGS provides the first taste of international competition for our young players

U21/Development Programme – is an elite training environment for players who aim to transition into the senior programme and become world-leading players

The Player Pathway is the development pathway for players, coaches and officials of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential.  It is based on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles that put the participant at the centre of all decisions, with extensive scientific research that has been widely accepted by the majority of other major sports within England.

Why does hockey have a Player Pathway?
The purpose of the Player Pathway is to make opportunities for participants fair, equitable and consistent.  It is to ensure that a suitable level of coaching and competition is offered for people at the appropriate stage of their development and to maximise the chance they have of fulfilling their potential whether that potential is as a club or International player, coach or official.

How can I access the Player Pathway?
The Player Pathway can be accessed by playing at school, a local club or attending one of the local Development Centres. The first time a player accesses the player pathway they must enter at DC level.

Which Age Group?

Birth Year 2016 ACs 2016 DCs 2017 ACs 2017 DCs 2018 ACs 2018 DCs
1999 Under 17s          
2000 Under 16s Under 17s Under 17s      
2001 Under 15s Under 16s Under 16s Under 17s Under 17s  
2002 Under 14s Under 15s Under 15s Under 16s Under 16s Under 17s
2003 Under 13s Under 14s Under 14s Under 15s Under 15s Under 16s
2004   Under 13s Under 13s Under 14s Under 14s Under 15s
2005       Under 13s Under 13s Under 14s
2006           Under 13s

If you're still unsure please email - playerpathway.devonhockey@gmail.com

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